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Wellness Plan and Resources

2023 is a “reset” year for Wellness Incentives, and this year there’s a new way to earn! When you complete the wellness activities of completing a health survey and confirming your PCP in 2023, all your visits to your PCP are free from your completion date through 12/31/2024. New for 2023, you could also receive a reduction of up to $10 for your specialist copays until the end of the 2024 calendar year by getting one or more of the recommended screenings found in the 2023 Wellness Plan Requirements document plus a vision screening.

Remember, the sooner in 2023 that you complete the Wellness Incentive activities, the sooner your savings begin! View or download the Wellness Plan Requirements document [PDF] for more details. 

Thinking about starting a fitness routine and eating better? Or, maybe you’re thinking about how to reduce stress, quit tobacco, and improve your overall health. “Make the Call, Take the Call” Wellness Coaching can help! When you partner with a wellness coach, you’ll get help in creating plans for short-term goals (weight loss, stop smoking, exercise more) and long-term goals (keep the weight off, remain smoke-free, make exercise part of your life). Your personal wellness coach will motivate, inspire, and reward you as you work toward your wellness goals. Watch the “Make the Call, Take the Call” Wellness Coaching video to learn more.

View these great recorded webinars on a variety of health and wellness topics in the Department of Budget and Management Health Benefits websites’ webinar library!

Our certified health coaches and nutritionists have created over 70 webinars to choose from, covering topics such as Brain Health, Diabetes Prevention and Management, Emotional Well-being, Heart Health, Nutrition and Physical Well-being, and much more.

We add new webinars each week, so be sure to check this site often!

Available as part of your prescription benefit plan through CVS Caremark®

Transform Diabetes Care® offers a glucose meter and unlimited test strips from BioTel Care.

Your meter and supplies are offered by your plan sponsor at no cost to you and there are two easy ways to order: Visit the BioTel website or call BioTel Care at 888-342-1160

Checking and tracking your blood glucose levels is critical to successfully managing your diabetes, but it can be a time-consuming, manual process. Now, there’s a better way!

With BioTel, you can easily:

  • Track your levels, see trends and share your data with whomever you choose
  • Get strips and lancets delivered to your door with no out-of-pocket cost
  • Get personalized tips in real-time to help you stay on track and make informed choices

To learn more about BioTel: