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Upwise Financial

Upwise is available to all State of Maryland employees and participation does not depend on benefits eligibility or benefits election. 

Upwise Information and Resources

Upwise is a free financial wellness app that can help you achieve financial progress and put your hard-earned money towards what matters most to you.

Although Upwise is a new offering from MetLife, you do not have to elect MetLife as a benefit. Upwise is a no-cost, confidential financial wellness offering available to all State of Maryland employees. Participation does not depend on benefits eligibility or election. 

Once you let Upwise know about your goals and priorities, Upwise will recommend simple actions, like taking challenges or reading articles, to help you achieve real financial progress—one step at a time.

Here are three examples of how Upwise can help you:

  1. Get a handle on student debt
  2. Get a free credit report
  3. Cancel unwanted subscriptions

The more Upwise is used, the more tailored the recommendations and actions become. Upwise will celebrate small wins with you, which increases financial confidence and optimism about what can be accomplished financially.

Learn more at, and download the Upwise app from the App Store® or Google Play™.

Watch the Upwise video on Vimeo

Visit the Upwise website

View or download the Upwise flyer [PDF]

View or download the Upwise FAQ [PDF]