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Now is the time to feel good about your money! Upwise is a free app that helps you build good money habits that lead to financial progress.

Upwise is available to all State of Maryland employees and participation does not depend on benefits eligibility or benefits election. 

Upwise Program Information and Resources

Upwise is a financial wellness program based on behavioral science. No matter how good someone is at managing money, there are times when it can be stressful and complex. Upwise will help you understand your “money mood” as you practice healthy behaviors that turn into habits that feel good. 

Although Upwise is a new offering from MetLife, you do not have to elect MetLife as a benefit. Upwise is a no-cost, confidential program available to all State of Maryland employees. Participation does not depend on benefits eligibility or election. 

Upwise guides you through simple, easy actions that can add up to real change. These actions consist of 3 types of challenges: “Do It For Me”, “Do It With Me”, and “Teach Me” challenges.

In “Do It For Me” challenges, Upwise takes actions on your behalf, like canceling a subscription or negotiating the cost. In “Do It With Me” challenges, Upwise suggests actions that are personalized for you that you can take toward a financial goal. And, in “Teach Me” challenges, Upwise provides financial education and tips to practice what is learned.

The more the app is used, the more tailored the recommendations and actions become. Upwise will celebrate small wins with you, which increases financial confidence and optimism about what can be accomplished financially.

Learn more at, and download the Upwise app from the App Store® or Google Play™.

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